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Rainbow Station: Virginia Beach, VA

Rainbow Station VA Beach

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Earl Johnson




General Construction

Site Construction


22,200 Square Feet

Southside has partnered with childhood education franchiser Rainbow Station to construct their first facility in the Hampton Road area of Virginia, specifically Virginia Beach. The new educational facility consists of Rainbow Station’s patented two-building design to accommodate both preschool and after school programs.

The main building known as The Preschool is a single-story, 14,000 SF CMU and light-gauge framed building with wood trusses, brick veneer with EIFS accents, and architectural asphalt-shingled roof. The Preschool encompasses childcare facilities separated by age group ranging from infants and toddlers to 4-1/2 years. Each age group has its own classroom and training facility within The Preschool but they are all fed from the commercial-grade kitchen in the dining hall. All children also have access to an indoor commons area which features a curved mural wall as well as a variety of outdoor playground facilities. The most distinctive portion of The Preschool is The Get Well Place which is a nurses area designed to care for sick children in independent care rooms designated for various ailments including the Whoozy Station and Sniffle Stop. The Get Well Place also has an air-lock vestibule for use in preventing cross-contamination between children.

The Village is the adjacent building to the Preschool and serves as Rainbow Station’s after school and summer care facility. The Village is approximately 8,200 SF including the second floor mezzanine with CMU exterior walls and extensive interior wood framing and truss design. Like the Preschool, The Village has a brick veneer with EIFS accents and an architectural asphalt-shingled roof, including the dormers.

The Village is set up to resemble a movie set inside so that children feel they are playing inside an actual city-like village. Interior facades are constructed out of wood framing and sheathed with drywall, cedar shingles, paint treatment, faux finishes and more to simulate a charming village including windows and working doors to the individual areas for study and play. Activities are conducted in each area that corresponds with the facades including: Café Rainbow where the kids learn to bake, Toy Shoppe, Theater, Library, Apothecary, Arcade, Art Gallery, as well as the Construction Site which features a plexi-glass wall to show off exposed piping, insulation and control valves. The second floor mezzanine known as Club 5 is dedicated to the older kids age 12-14. The back half of The Village houses a gymnasium with basketball courts, volleyball net, and storage closets for athletic equipment. The kids can keep a change of clothes in the locker room also located inside The Village.

The entire property is surrounded by a 6’ decorative concrete fence that is designed to simulate stone to keep the children safe and also gives them the freedom to run around, play, be creative and learn.

  • Rainbow Station VA Beach
  • Rainbow Station VA Beach
  • Rainbow Station VA Beach Kitchen
  • Rainbow Station VA Beach
  • Rainbow Station VA Beach
  • Rainbow Station VA Beach Kitchen

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