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Lifepointe Church

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Hope Lutheran School


Churches & Education


General Construction


52,000 SF

Southside constructed Gastonia’s first Lutheran school. The uniqueness of the project lied not in its specific design or size but in the actual development and construction of Hope Lutheran School utilizing the design and building practices of a program developed by Daniel Cook & Associates (DCA), an architectural firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah, known as “Building God’s Way.” The program forms a unique alliance among several participating groups: Southside for one; DCA; and the entire Hope Lutheran congregation. It is the last contributor that really makes the project one-of-a-kind in that no decision regarding the project is finalized without first consulting the Hope Lutheran constituents. In fact, before DCA will even get involved in a new construction project, the building committee must vote unanimously in favor of the “Building God’s Way” program thus creating an equal playing field for all involved parties.

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