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Project Description

Fury 325 Merchandise Store and Coaster Station

Fury 325 Merch Store

Project Details


Cedar Fair Entertainment


Entertainment and Retail


Negotiated General Contractor


4,400 SF

Southside teamed up with Carowinds and Cedar Fair Entertainment to construct the Fury Coaster Station. The two story steel framed conventional structure featuring an exterior architectural metal panel skin system serves as the patron boarding point for the Fury.

Challenges included ensuring over 42 subcontractors, numbering 400 plus employees worked in a safe and expedient manner, working in two states/counties with differing permit/inspection requirements, working in extreme weather conditions, placing over 7000 cubic yards of concrete, 243 coaster footings, 27 caissons, 3 miles of electrical cabling, constructing 7 structures, two bridges, one tunnel, 900 space parking lot, and a massive storm water management system all focused on meeting a hard deadline.

  • Fury 325 Merch Store

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