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Carowinds’ Fury 325

Fury 325

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Cedar Fair Entertainment




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8.4 Acres

Carowinds, a Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, has partnered with Southside Constructors, Inc. to construct the Fury 325, the worlds largest giga coaster. Southside worked closely with Carowinds offering several value engineering options to adhere to the desired budget for the project.
The Fury 325 brings a world class thrill ride to adventure seekers visiting Carowinds. Passengers will enter the ride through the new two story 4,000 SF structural steel coaster station, which includes a wheelchair lift. This giga coaster is constructed of 2,700 tons of steel and stands 325 feet tall, towering over the other rides in the park. Simulating the flight of the hornet, the Fury 325 will hit speeds of approximately 95 mph while traveling on the 6,602 feet of track.. The track is supported by the 152 concrete footings comprising over 6150 yards of concrete.
In addition to its impressive size and speed, the coaster will travel through two tunnels, one of which is a pedestrian bridge where the coaster will make an underground dive.
Construction for the ride expansion began during the summer season which required Southside to coordinate with Carowinds to maintain the construction schedule.

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